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"During my gray space the ocean was my place of peace." - Chantel Marie

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Educational Services

In the education field, there is a growing emphasis on student development to improve skills and increase the level of education for both young and adult students. A major key to attaining educational goals is tracking improvement.  Once data is collected, it answers three questions; How the student learns, what the student learned, and what they are missing.  Knowing where to start and determining an end goal is easy.  The area in-between is the gray space that is the heart of our work. There are many setbacks and gaps that have increased due to the pandemic but Creating Gray Spaces will use data to close those gaps. 


With more than 15 years of experience, we have perfected our services to help meet the needs of our clients, leading them to success. We offer Math and English tutoring and have extensive experience working with students who have dyslexia. We closely monitor student progress and make necessary adjustments so that each student stays on track and shows growth.


What makes us unique is that we tailor our services to meet our clients where they are as individuals. Whether you or your child attends traditional or private school, or if your child is home-schooled, we will devise a plan that works best for your lifestyle. We also offer additional lessons for those who may need ongoing help.

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Creating Gray Spaces provides Educational Services for children and adults ranging from academic tutoring to career pathways. We provide custom plans that are tailored to meet our individual clients needs, and specialize in providing dyslexia services for people of all ages. Our sessions will help equip individuals with the tools needed to navigate the transitional stages of their lives and to reach their academic and/or professional goals.

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Reading/Math Tutoring

For School-Age Children

We are happy to help school age children achieve their goals in reading and math. These two main subjects are vital in all aspects of life.  Having a solid foundation in reading and math will equip children to be successful now and in the future.  We utilize a virtual approach to teaching and specialize in dyslexia education.  Tutoring options include weekly, biweekly, or monthly sessions. Please contact us to set up sessions with a tutor.

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Goal Planning and “Niche” Finding

Any Age

Let us help you breathe life into your goals. Part of our process includes equipping you with the tools needed to select your best goal and to take the necessary steps to achieve success. We are here to help you find your place in life.  Creating Gray Spaces is not about gatekeeping. The next step is collaborating with us to find your niche. You've already done the hard work by setting your goal so let that momentum carry you into your specialty.  Contact us to get you on track!

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With Mock Interview

Everybody needs a second set of eyes and a little practice with interviewing. Our resume building experience can help you identify your market and show you how to present your best self to increase your chance for success in that market. Come build your resume with us and sharpen your interviewing skills. The mock interviews will allow you to feel comfortable and confident in a challenging environment .  Contact us to start the process today.

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My name is Chantel Marie

Chantel Marie is a native of northern Illinois, born to a Bahamian father Cyril Jervis, and Iowa native Julie V. Jervis.  Chantel is a loving wife and mother of four who has been through some "gray spaces" over her life thus far and is passionate about helping people through their own. Chantel is a certified teacher in the state of Texas where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies from Texas Wesleyan University. Chantel Marie is a co-founder of  Creating Gray Spaces where her focus is education services.  Her vast experience includes teaching Early Childhood Education through middle school-age students for the last 15 years.  Chantel Marie is the founder of Eulexiology, a business that is fervent in educating the world about dyslexia.  All of her past and present experiences have and continue to align with her purpose to educate, guide, and mentor those that are in a "gray space" and have the desire to pursue their maximum potential. Chantel has many skills and talents that she likes to use in her free time. On her days off from being an educator, Chantel is an experienced realtor who seeks to equip the community with the knowledge necessary to buy and sell property. Chantel is committed to providing resources and support to others, using her gifts, education, and authentic personality as an asset to Creating Gray Spaces and to the organization's clients.

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Chantel Marie
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