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Artists are creative individuals who use their genius to produce ideas and things into existence. The genius of Creatives is that their self-expression establishes a work product that has value. Creatives have historically been deprived of receiving appropriate compensation, and an equitable share of the products, services, and ideas that have been generated by the fruits of their labor.

Project - Young Creators

Our aim is to create a unique children's book, with the entire process being a collaborative effort involving kids. We're in search of a young, aspiring writer to pen down the story. We also need an imaginative child to bring the story to life with their illustrations. In addition, we're seeking a generous sponsor to financially support the publication of the book. My role will be to meticulously edit and format the manuscript, ensuring its quality. Once the book is polished and ready, we plan to publish it on a prominent e-commerce platform, making it accessible to readers worldwide.

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Kimberly Barrett Luttery Grandpa had a Grandpa Too
An abstract painting of a female face, art by Nicole Collie.



We are a group of creatives that believe in each other’s talents. This platform is about respect and creating a space that is not judgmental, but a place where creatives can come and have conversations, ask questions and give answers. It is a place where you can feel good about who you are and what you create.

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Call for Artists

Bahamas / April 2024

Emerging Creatives Art Show is an opportunity for artists to exhibit their work at the HEALinc. Health Summit to help bring awareness to the relationship between creativity and wellness/mental health. Featured Artists will have the opportunity to sell their work.

An abstract painting of a female face, art by Nicole Collie, painting name SHE + ME = COMPLEX
An abstract painting of a female face and angel, art by Nicole Collie.

Why Become a Sponsor

The goal of Emerging Creatives is to provide exposure to artists wherever they are on their creative journey and we need sponsors to do this. 


Part of that journey is breaking through existing barriers, whether it's their own personal battles with self-worth or dealing with judgemental critiques from others. We want to remove these invisible roadblocks, in hopes of fostering a positive and supportive community of creatives. Having faith in your abilities and confidence in your work leads to self-respect.  Happy and healthy individuals impact the community in which they live, which in turn changes the trajectory of that country in a positive way.

Call for Artists

Rwanda Africa / September 2024

More Details to come.

An abstract painting of a female face and angel, art by Nicole Collie.
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