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How Dyslexia Birthed Eulexiology

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

What is my story and what is Eulexiology?

I was diagnosed with dyslexia when I was in high school at the age of seventeen. Because of that, I naturally became more focused on it and became passionate about learning more about dyslexia for personal reasons. After graduating from Texas Wesleyan University with a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies with an emphasis on education, I attained my teaching certification, and that is where my passion for helping people who learn differently grew. It was the perfect time for me to use my personal experience and career skills to create a business centered around my natural desire to serve the community by educating them about dyslexia. I believe that this is my purpose, and that is how Eulexiology came to be.

I began to notice that many people's views about dyslexia were negative. I also found that many people are miseducated about what dyslexia is. Dyslexia is defined as "a learning disorder characterized by difficulty reading." I looked up the origin of the word to see if that had an effect on what people think it is. Words have meaning and power. In order to understand a word we need to dissect it. What is the origin of dyslexia? In the Greek language, the prefix “dys” means bad, difficult, or abnormal, and the root word “lexis” means reading. When you put these two word parts together, dyslexia means "bad reading". Of course, with that meaning, it will give out a negative stigma to those who have dyslexia whether they know what it means or not. Though reading can be difficult for those with dyslexia, it does not define a person’s whole being or if they are capable of achieving high levels of learning or growth, especially in reading. I believe that my company, Eulexiology alone empowers people by promoting an optimistic mindset where they can achieve competency in all areas of learning, including reading when using the proper intervention learning tools.

What makes Eulexiology Unique?

Eulexiology was created by a dyslexic learner who is an educator, mom with a dyslexic learner, entrepreneur, and networker. This list alone sets me apart. This is my passion. I feel like the world needs Eulexiology. My approach to educating the world about what dyslexia is, how it can be a superpower, and walking in my purpose is a unique and engaging experience. I have received positive feedback from my encounters with people when I wear my Eulexiology t-shirt, to my tutoring sessions with parents and students. The sky's the limit when I think about where I can go with my vision. It is bigger than me, and any challenges I've encountered along the way are minuscule in comparison. I want Eulexiology to be a loud and bold concept that no one can deny. It will have a huge impact beyond the level of where it is now and it will definitely impress those that encounter Eulexiology. I've learned to never stop talking about what it is you love. Your passion will keep the dream alive and adjustments will form organically. I want everyone to feel comfortable and that they are in a safe space to learn, as they go through their own journey living with dyslexia.

Eulexiology is celebrating its third anniversary this April, and we have worked hard to get here. Our third annual walkathon will be held in October 2023, which coincides with National Dyslexia Awareness Month, where we share information about facts and myths. We also host workshops throughout the year in communities to teach syllabication and educate parents.

What are challenges Eulexiology has?

Retaining clients is not easy because people can become discouraged. The journey takes time, patience, and a lot of hard work. Keeping families engaged for the long haul is a challenge because it is so easy to give up. Dyslexia is a lifelong battle and people have to stay in the fight to win.

Eulexiology helps parents understand their dyslexic child's challenges and helps them develop the tools needed to support their child's education. We provide the resources. My consultation has shown families how to begin the process of advocating for their children which will lead to improved grades, reading competency, and improved self-esteem. We help students discover their interests and passions beyond dyslexia, what motivates them, and boosts their confidence.

Who do you service with Eulexiology?

While I work primarily with school-age students, I also work with adults because dyslexia affects all ages. One of the success stories that is dear to me is about a student who at the time was a junior in high school. He consistently failed tests in most of his classes. After working for months with Eulexiology he passed his core classes; math, reading, and science, and his grades improved immensely. He developed good study habits, but most importantly he received a boost in confidence and now knows what he can achieve when he puts in the work. His family was so proud of him and grateful for Eulexiology's services.

Because traditional education is a one size fits all approach, without the right knowledge, resources, and services, parents can make the wrong choices for their dyslexic child. All children have very different needs when it comes to their education and discipline. We have to be careful to not discourage anyone from doing what they love and what they are great at. Natural talents, interests, and skills are given to make the world go round and taking that away from a child because they are not successful academically can stifle their personal growth in reaching their maximum potential as an individual. They especially need the appropriate balance when it comes to activities that they enjoy, and maintaining a great quality of life beyond focusing on their "differences" and educational needs.

So want to know more about Eulexiology?

What does a dyslexia tutor do? Eulexiology provides tutors that patiently teach in a systematic and consistent method that will allow a person to learn based on their capabilities.

It is important for a dyslexia tutor to understand what dyslexia is in order to devise a plan that is the best learning approach. Because the types of dyslexia vary from person to person, the initial consultation is imperative to help understand the individual client's needs. A tailored plan is then created so that our clients receive the right services.

If you are looking for dyslexia services, you can book a consultation online at Let's chat about how we can help.

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