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What is a Graphic Artist/Graphic Designer?

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

“Art is meant to provoke thought and emotions, but it doesn’t solve problems.” “Artists primarily work off instinct, whereas designers employ a methodical, data-driven process.”

Flyer created by Nicole Collie
Flyer created by Nicole Collie

In the article (link below) Micah believes that “Great design is first and foremost art.” I personally agree with this opinion. A great layout and beautiful design elements that are visually pleasing to the eye make the viewer want to see more. The ability to keep someone's attention and to have their eyes roam around the page is a gift. Think about a website, if it looks old or has a boring feel or look to it, you probably won’t stay there for long. When it comes to graphics, we all want something to tickle our taste buds visually. We want to look at something that makes us want more. Visual first impressions matter and should have an impact on the observer.

I frankly don’t mind being called a graphic artist or graphic designer because both work for me. It’s like the phrase ‘tomato-tomahto’ or, ‘potato potahto’, it’s all the same to me. A designer or artist is one and the same, whatever your graphic needs, I will get it done.

What does a graphic artist/designer do?

Designers create visual concepts to communicate information. We have the education and the ability to create “beautiful concepts” by getting to know and understanding our clients' wants and needs. Graphic professionals recognize the importance of negative and positive space and the “readability” when creating a logo, and that there should be a higher hierarchy when building out a design. Details like the meaning behind using a particular font, are skills a client should look for when hiring a graphic professional.

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a graphic artist/designer is that they understand there is no one-size-fits-all when collaborating with individual clients. Even though one can find free logos and free templates online, that is not always the answer. Just like there is a significant difference between building a custom home and a cookie-cutter home, the same concept would apply to, for example, a website’s homepage; One house is designed for your specific needs and, wants, it is crafted based on you and your families desires, the other is not. As a designer, it is so important to understand the person standing in front of you and, listen to what they want. I take that knowledge and transform it into an idea, tailoring a design that is pleasing to the eye. There is no better feeling than seeing my client’s reaction to what I have created for them.

Flyer created by Nicole Collie
Flyer created by Nicole Collie

You have probably asked yourself, why do you even need to hire a designer? I am hoping that what I have shared in this blog will help you answer that question and give you valuable in-site into what designers do. Quality design is a valuable tool in helping any business make a positive impression. Products such as logos, business cards, a website, posters, fliers, and social media pages should have an impact. Hiring the right graphic designer is the first step in achieving the goal of outstanding visual marketing.

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